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Alexandre Herrero
General Manager
& Civil Engineer
      Francisco Moreno
Project Manager
& Architect

ALEXANDRE is the general manager in our company. He specializes in management of large projects, as Airport Terminals, Congress Centers, New Cities, Implementation of new technologies for construction, etc. He provides both project management guidance and technical expertise for each of his projects.

ALEXANDRE has worked with many of our clients since joining us. His list of projects is diverse ranging from large-scale concert halls to small regional social housing development. ALEXANDRE offers a unique perspective by drawing on his experience as a former civil engineer.

ALEXANDRE became a principal in Project Management from year 2000.


As head of project management department, FRANCISCO is responsible for the smooth running of projects at every stage of design and construction. He also has a strong background in Architecture, and leads our technical team for that field services.

FRANCISCO's career in the Architecture spans over 25 years. He started working in Germany and later worked in Spain, both for project and supervision of construction. As a Project Manager developed projects in Spain, Russia, Ukainia, Morocco, etc. After joining LOGOS ARCHITECT , FRANCISCO became a project leader and technical consultant for new and refurbished architecture projects.

FRANCISCO has a significant wealth of experience to offer our clients.



We Manage the Project to coordinate all the stakeholders, and to accomplish with the final objectives for the full Content of the Scope of Works, Quality, Costs and Timing.

We can work in two very defferent Fields: Full Architecture Design & Development, or strictly as Detail Developers of Concepts by Design Architects. In both cases our aim is to fulfill Projects ready to Build.

We can work integrated in a multidisciplinary team, working with Architects to develop Structures or MEP facilities for buildings, or we can work as a standalone team for Civil Engineering (Transport, Ports, Hidraulycs, special structures, etc).