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We can offer a wide variety of services according to your needs.
Perhaps you know already what you exactly will ask us to carry out: services for Project Management, or develop an Architectural Project, or an Engineering Development.
Or perhaps you prefer to chose one or various of the written down options, and we will advice you how to proceed to well manage the new investment, project or construction you have in front of you.

In any case LOGOS is the piece you need to fit the requirements of your Company. Get it !



Our company has boosted our Project Management services from the close collaboration with the company of the Master Architect Ricardo Bofill. We have been collaborating with him since more than ten years, working in projects around all the world. The earned experience on that field has engaged us to "export" our value on that Management service to other Architects or other clients.

Obviously we can work following the standard way for Project Management, but we can offer also two very interesting variants that have been very usefull for our clients: the Design Management and the Engineering Procurement Method. Lets explain a little bit the principles of these variants:

DESING MANAGEMENT: Sometimes Architects and Engineers seems to live in different universes. The collaborative Project Management system of LOGOS ARCHITECT, lets say Desing Management, put together the pieces that constitute the design from both architects and engineers to get an optimized project and construction process and results.

ENGINEERING PROCUREMENT METHOD: We search for you the right team to work on the Project: the Architect, the Engineering Company even the Construction Company. LOGOS can use his method to get the right team at the right price for the owner or the architect. LOGOS will manage and coordinate two, three or more disciplines to ensure everything comes correctly and on schedule.



For the above mentioned reasons. LOGOS, from the very begining has integrated both disciplines in his team: Architects and Engineers can collaborate together, of course ! ... and LOGOS will act as an interface to get from them the best results.


The connection between LOGOS ARCHITECT and the ARCHITECTURE begins from his birth. The "LOGOS" is an ancient greek concept, more than simply word, that means thought, reason, proportion and even intelligence. All them are put in the service of the Architecture under LOGOS ARCHITECT philosophy.

We develop Projects directly for our final investor client or we can form a team with other architects to start from their design, and then develop the documentation to the level of a full construction/working documents.
We are both creatives and developpers.


The above mentioned hability to manage the connection between Architecture and Engineering Services, gives LOGOS the opportunity to held by himself the whole services if this combination is the best for our clients.
Architecture needs from Engineering the integrated collaboration for Structures and Facilities (usually briefed as SMEP, that is Structural-Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing), and LOGOS can introduce by himself all those specialities on their Scope of Works.

In the case of Civil Engineering, LOGOS allied with his close engineering company FOREST for more than fifteen years, develops and manages the usual services for those fields: roads, highways, chanels, irrigation, waste water treatment plants, ports, bridges, underground structures -as metro stations-, urbanizations, etc

Call LOGOS !
Get the piece that you need to fullfil the requirements of your Company
LOGOS will go along with your company trough all the process from the firts Idea to the last brick.


In both cases, Architecture and Engineering, LOGOS can offer and support his clients trough all the process, that is from Feasibility Studies at the very beginning, to Concept or Project Developments, and finally the Supervision of the Construction works.













We Manage the Project to coordinate all the stakeholders, and to accomplish with the final objectives for the full Content of the Scope of Works, Quality, Costs and Timing.

We can work in two very defferent Fields: Full Architecture Design & Development, or strictly as Detail Developers of Concepts by Design Architects. In both cases our aim is to fulfill Projects ready to Build.

We can work integrated in a multidisciplinary team, working with Architects to develop Strctures or MEP facilities for buildings, or we can work as a standalone team for Civil Engineering (Transport, Ports, Hidraulycs, special structures, etc).